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#1 Old 15th Aug 2018 at 5:50 PM
Default Do you think it'd be possible to replace default walk styles or add new ones?
I feel like we have quite a lot of walk styles, but only few "normal" ones. I personally don't use any of the goofy walks, they're just there. So I was thinking... Would it be possible to replace walk styles?
Now I have no idea what sims 4 walk styles are like in terms of format, but I'm guessing they could be something similar to blender's. Or am I completely wrong? Did anyone try replacing any default walk animations, or any animations in-game? Did it work?
I tried searching topics on this, but I haven't found anything. There was someone who supposedly figured out a way to change the walk styles, but they didn't reply to their topic ever since, and they didn't share how they made it. I don't know why, maybe it didn't work out that well in-game.
(I know I could use the pose player with some walking animations, but that'd stop the sim from doing what they do, they couldn't go on with thei daily activities like that)
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#2 Old 23rd Aug 2018 at 1:35 AM
I would LOVE some new walk styles! The default one seems so "stiff" to me; maybe we could get a "Casual" walk-style... ?
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#3 Old 23rd Aug 2018 at 6:34 PM
Default Walk styles:
Originally Posted by Faith05201
I would LOVE some new walk styles! The default one seems so "stiff" to me; maybe we could get a "Casual" walk-style... ?
I know they already have a mod to replace the "gotta go to the bathroom" walk and I think if would be a good idea if they had a masculine walk as well inside the CAS--they have the feminine walk and the swagger walk so I don't see what the problem would be.

Test Subject
#4 Old 24th Aug 2018 at 10:53 AM
I know its possible to add walk styles into CAS.
What I don't know is how to add a custom animation in, I only know how to do it with the walkstyles in the game [Reaper/Ghost], But it would be awesome if someone with the knowledge could make extra walkstyles :D
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